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Thu, Jul 11, 12:30pm1:30pm

Adults and children of UZUMARU front-facing, happily yelling and smiling, wearing colorful attire, holding up parasols and fans, with a large off-white flag behind them
Thu, Jul 11
12:30pm – 1:30pm
Great Lawn, Yerba Buena Gardens
Mission St. between 3rd & 4th Sts.
San Francisco, CA + Google Map
(415) 543-1718


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Yosakoi is often described as a traditional Japanese dance, but it’s actually surprisingly modern. Born in the southern prefecture of Kochi in the mid- 1950s, Yosakoi quickly spread around the country and is now performed at festivals and events across Japan. Blending traditional choreography with modern and folk music, the dance is usually performed by large multi-
generational teams of colorfully costumed men and women who accompany the energetic choreography with wooden clackers called Naruko.

Uzumaru is a Yosakoi team from San Jose’s Japan town launched by Ikumi Sekiguchi in 2017. The name Uzumaru can be broken into two parts: UZU which means whirlpool and MARU meaning circle. The whirlpool symbolizes the desire to draw the audience into the joy and excitement of
Yosakoi, while the circle symbolizes the Japanese flag. Ikumi’s desire is for each member to shine through this dance, to enjoy dancing with all their heart and soul. The team has grown from only 6 dancers to about 40 performers currently.



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